Few Important France Facts for Tourists
25.09.2013 16:03

The name France springs from the Latin word Francia which implies the land of the Franks. Need to grasp additional France facts? Scroll right down to realize additional fascinating facts concerning France.

France is one amongst the foremost developed countries within the world, possessing the fifth largest economy. It’s a member state of the eu Union, and additionally one amongst the initiation member of the international organization. France is one amongst the most important countries in Europe in terms of space (the others being Russia and Ukraine). France is understood for many things starting from French food (eclair, mousse, crêpe, snails, croissants), French wine (champagne, Merlot), fashion and luxury (Chanel, prizefighter Vuitton, Dior), and exquisite French language, culture and after all, the applied scientist tower! France is additionally the birthplace or the town of many nice artists, painters and different nice men like Henri DE Henri Toulouse-Lautrec, Monet, Napoleon, Rousseau, Voltaire, Marie Curie, Charles General Charles de Gaulle, etc. allow us to apprehend some additional attention-grabbing facts concerning France tourist information guides.

Interesting France Facts
The following area unit a number of the many and attention-grabbing facts concerning the gorgeous country of France.

  • The earliest inhabitants of the land of what's currently France, were the Neanderthals.
  • Julius Caesar took over France around fifty five B.C. and it remained beneath the empire till fifth century.
  • One of the attention-grabbing France food facts is that there area unit dozens of various sorts and sizes of bread, and nearly many kinds of cheese created within the country.
  • France's anthem (La Marseillaise) was written and composed by Claude Joseph Rouget DE Lisle, and sung by the boys of Marseilles as they marched to Paris throughout the revolution.
  • The French 'Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen' of 1789 is that the 1st universal declaration of human rights within the world.
  • The Gregorian calendar month national holiday (14th July 1789), once the French overthrew the autocracy, is well known because the national holiday of France.
  • France was the world's 1st producer of various kinds of wine and liquors.

The Louvre Museum (house of the far-famed 'Mona Lisa' painting by prosecutor Vinci |architect designer} da Vinci) is one amongst the most important museums within the world, with around thirty five,000 items of art housed in it.

The Eiffel Tower, one amongst the foremost illustrious structures within the world, could be a very little quite three hundred mt high (approx. 1060 ft), weighs 7000 tons and has 1665 steps to succeed in the highest.
Once a year in July, France hosts the visit DE France (bicycle race) that starts in metropolis and ends in Paris covering around two,261 miles (3500 km).

Every year France hosts the French Open sweep or the Les Internationaux DE France DE Roland Garros (tennis tournament) in late could and Gregorian calendar month that is that the solely international lawn tennis tournament to be stayed a clay court.

France has hosted the Summer Olympic Games (5 times), the Winter Olympic Games (3 times), and therefore the FIFA tourney (2 times).

Frenchmen and girls have won the utmost range of altruist Prizes for Literature (13) that is quite the other country within the world.

France Facts for youths
Here area unit some quick general facts concerning France for youths.

  • Capital ~ Paris
  • Government kind ~ Republic
  • Official Language ~ French
  • Currency ~ monetary unit (EUR)
  • Population ~ sixty million (approximately)
  • Independence Day ~ fourteenth July
  • The highest mountain ~ Mont Blanc (ht= 4807 meters or fifteen, 771 feet)
  • France has four ocean fronts (the Atlantic Ocean, the sea, English Channel and therefore the Mediterranean), with 5500 kilometer (3,418 miles) of outline
  • Largest Beach ~ at La Baule (12 kilometer or seven.5 miles)

Climate ~ Temperate
France has had solely four presidents since 1974: Valéry Giscard d'Estaing, François Mitterrand, Jacques Chirac and Nicolas Sarkozy.

France is that the world's leading producer of luxury merchandise and fashion, like high fashion, perfumes, cosmetics, etc.

These were some temporary facts concerning France. From the higher than data you want to have discovered that France facts area unit as attention-grabbing because the countryside itself. Au devoir!


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